Marksta Watermarks Your Photos Before They Go Online

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Jan 7, 2013
References: & petapixel
Tired of having photos stolen and re-used the moment they appeared on the Internet, a Photojournalist named Jonh D. McHugh has developed a better way to keep them copyrighted with his new iPhone app Marksta. Rather than needing to tool around with your pictures in Photoshop, the app can add logos, web addressing, copyright info, and anything else before it's posted to websites like Instagram or Facebook. It's designed to be user-friendly, simple, and best of all, it's available free for a short time.

Something like this being free and easy to use is key in the modern age, where an average, casual user probably doesn't really guard against intellectual property theft. By making the app simple and free, McHugh is making copyright protection a reflex for the average Facebook or Instagram user.