On February 12, 2009, the original, full frontal nude photo of Madonna (then 20), taken by Lee Friedlander in 1979, will be auctioned off in the Icons of Glamour and Style: The Constantiner Collection Part ii. it is expected to sell for between $10,000 and $15,000. The 1979 naked picture of Madonna appeared in a 1985 issue of Playboy.

According to a Fox News report interview with Matthieu Humery, of Christie's Auction House, when Madonna was photographed nude in her twenties, she was a dancer who answered a Friedlander’s ad looking for a nude model. The report also states that Friedlander sold six more pictures of Madonna taken in 1979 to Playboy in 1985.

I really think this tastefully naughty photo of Madonna naked is beautiful and artistic. Honestly, I think she’s shown more vulgarity on stage than in this picture. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Madonna’s explicit nude photo sold for more than $15k. After all, she has a huge following and is one of the most iconic and influential pop stars of all time.