Peter Lynn's Naked Baby Kites Are Functional and Fascinating

By: Thomas Wade-West - Published: • References: dudeiwantthat and peterlynnkites
Instead of being fined for indecent exposure, take the alternate route with Peter Lynn's naked baby kite. This enormous kite is not only fully functional but incredibly bizarre (in a good way) as well.

The designer/artist Peter Lynn is a New Zealand native. This giant kite is the size of a small garage, which just goes to show that New Zealanders probably have a great sense of humor. The kite features a massive nude baby (fully equipped with genitalia and wings), and luscious hair. This wild ginger baby is a great way to amaze your friends and flash the neighborhood.

In terms of flying capabilities, the kite can fly solo. It is available in sizes 'Giant' and 'Gianter' for $2,830 and $5,999, respectively.