The Quadrofoil Q2S Limited-Edition Glides at Comfortable Speeds

By: Michael Hemsworth - Dec 15, 2016
References: quadrofoil & damngeeky
Rethinking the design when it comes to personal watercrafts, the Quadrofoil Q2S Limited-Edition is a new release from the brand that utilizes hydrofoils in order to glide comfortably over aquatic surfaces.

The Quadrofoil Q2S Limited-Edition is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 25km/h and features a design that's inherently focused on the natural flow of water. This means that the vehicle is capable of providing optimum control, stability and efficiency when in user unlike other personal watercrafts out there.

The Quadrofoil Q2S Limited-Edition features an electric motor that can be powered via rechargeable battery packs and offer a range of 60kms. This translates to roughly two-hours of travel time, which makes the Quadrofoil Q2S Limited-Edition suitable for extended leisure cruises.