The Princessa USA Mushroom Penis Lipsticks is Made for Laughs

By: Meghan Young - Jun 8, 2016
References: buzzfeed & designtaxi
Whether given as a bachelorette party favor or to a friend who just lost her virginity or even as a prank to a guy, these Princessa USA Mushroom Penis Lipsticks are hilariously inappropriate. Clearly made for an adult audience, they take on a realistically sculpted phallic form that brings to mind an oral fixation many men will wish women indulged as much as they reapplied their makeup.

Available for purchase on Amazon, the Princessa USA Mushroom Penis Lipsticks are described as rich in color while coming "complete with a veiny shaft and perfect mushroom head." Available in a number of colors and sizes, this takes such unique artworks to a whole other level. Parents will want to shield their little girls' eyes if this ever popped up in their local drugstore.