Paola Kudacki Covers Her Subjects in Meaningful Plastic Props

By: Riley von Niessen - Nov 2, 2016
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Photographer Paola Kudacki is celebrated for her unusual projects that go against what's often deemed as normal -- with one of her past works including an editorial for Paper Magazine that starred a nude Miley Cyrus.

For 'Plasticity,' Paola Kudacki considers how damaging shallow beauty standards can be -- which, as the title suggests, generates a need for perfection that's nothing short of inhuman. In order to illustrate this, she has the muses of the shoot pose uncomfortably -- with the many unconventional props used helping to enhance this.

In a selection of images, Paola Kudacki has her subject's face and body covered in tape, showing them bound by plastic and an idea that they need to adhere to an ideal that's wholly unnatural.