'Palettes' Let Designers Control Their Software Manually

By: Joey Haar - Sep 13, 2016
References: palettegear & core77
Palettes are a series of modular tools developed to give designers a more tactile approach to their software.

As any designer, photographer, videographer, or anyone else who works with creative software knows, constantly clicking through various on-screen buttons can be tedious, frustrating, and straining on one's eyes (especially with professional software that uses tiny clickable options.) Palettes, from the company of the same name, are a series of modular controllers that can be configured to work with any type of editing software, turning editing into a more tactile experience.

The Palettes come with four different modules: a button, a dial, a slider, and an OLED screen. The screen simply displays which software the Palettes are connected to (which is especially useful for those with multiple programs open at once.) The other three modules can then be configured to control almost anything, magnetically attaching to one another in infinite combinations.