The 'thatgamecompany' Journey Online Experience 'Journey'

By: Alicia Contestabile - Apr 16, 2012
References: thatgamecompany
The online game Journey, the newest title from 'thatgame company', the studio behind Flower and flOw, is a PlayStation Network exclusive for the PS3 that changes the way players interact with each other. Diverging from the typical online experience, Journey ventures into the unknown.

With intuitive and simplistic controls, the player moves through a desert toward a beam of light, in search of red flags that give them special abilities. At random points throughout, two players in the same area will be connected, allowing the players to signal to each other, and continue to play the game together.

As you Journey with your new anonymous friend, powering each other up as you go, the attachment made in the short span of this innovative game is surprising and inspiring. Players actually feel connected to each other throughout Journey. It will leave you excited for another play-through and the future of online gaming.