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The Nozomi Ishiguro Tambourine Fall 2012 collection is the latest line from the Japanese designer. Fusing a carefree 90s aesthetic with modern cuts and shapes, this edgy runway presentations features winning wardrobe selects for both men and women.

Youth-infused, this bold collection is effortlessly cool, exuding attitude, confidence and a badass fashion flair. Filled with plenty of personality, this raw streetwear collection references a variety of musical genre-generated styles that include western, hip-hop and grunge.

Visually graphic and texture-filled, this versatile collection shines a spotlight on statement tees, unconventional textile pairings and off-kilter eyewear accessories. From intricate embroidery to crafty patchwork techniques, the easy to wear and expressive Nozomi Ishiguro Tambourine Fall 2012 collection is artful and energetic.