Non Program Pavilion Creates Living Space Without Destroying Nature

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Jan 31, 2013
References: vimeo & designboom
We're used to the idea of cities and urbanization taking over our natural landscapes, but this so-called "non program pavilion" proves that we may have a way around that. It's thanks to a group of Spanish architects, Jesus Torres Garcia Architetes. The structure is designed to leave a minimal impact on the natural landscape around it.

The structure even avoids disturbing the ground it's on, curving around it, and only touching it in its center. It's designed to remain naturally temperate, with concrete roofing and reflective glass preventing too much heat and cold. On top of that, the name "non program pavilion" comes from the idea that the space was designed with no specific activity in mind, or even a specific group size, but can be used for anything from a dull meeting, to an exciting concert.

It's a thrilling idea, as world populations expand, that we can continue to move outward without destroying the environment.

Photo Credits: designboom