In one of the most outrageous finds of the day, the Nicki Minaj 'I am the Female Weezy' PSA video will have you laughing out loud at the female rapper’s impression of her boss and mentor, Lil Wayne.

If you’ve seen Lil Wayne’s PSA that he released last week, you’ll understand the humor in this Nicki spoof. In the original Wayne PSA, the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” goes on a 28-minute-long rant about who knows what.

The Nicki Minaj I am the Female Weezy PSA pokes fun at Lil Wayne (in the least offensive way possible, of course; Nicki wouldn’t be able to pay her bills without him, after all) in the 7-minute-long video.

If you’re a fan of the Young Money crew, then you’ll love the Nicki Minaj I am the Female Weezy PSA.