March Pantry’s Packaging is Catchy in a Typographic Way

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Sep 18, 2013 • References:
March Pantry’s new package design is eye-catching in a minimalist kind of way. The bottles, jars and boxes are all black with the exception of a nude color label simply stating the company name, product name and description. There is something about these packages that look so appealing.

Perhaps it could be that they are bluntly understating what could be amazing olive oils, jams, sea salts and other pantry ingredients. These packages are not bright and in-your-face, but instead appeal to the customer in a completely different way. The font colors are simple, colorful, clear and pop against the black container. The font for the product name mimics handwriting in its casual interpretation of the letters. This packaging is so simple and yet super refreshing from other brand packaging.