The New Convertible by Jaguar is Intrinsically Beautiful

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Dec 10, 2013 • References: wallpaper and topgear
Ian Callum designed the new convertible car titled 'F-Type Coupé' by Jaguar. He describes this car as the model he's always wanted to design, taking the entirety of his long stint of transition and uncertainty to realize this dream.

This car is the essence of beauty. The convertible is different from other similar models in the way it's situated so low to the ground. Other models usually sit higher toward the back, which is why this particular model has such a high deployable spoiler.

This car is the most dynamically capable and performance focused car in history. It features two doors and hopes to attract some competition away from other leading companies. Taking some cues from Porsche, Jaguar's car has a British resolve with a convertible roof and more power.