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The Neiman Marcus-Edition Hacker-Craft Speedboat is a luxurious gift that many people will have at the top of their wishlists this Christmas. Yet, unless your family and friends are completely loaded, this may be a hefty gift request considering the $250,000 price tag.

Luxuriously glamorous, the Neiman Marcus-Edition Hacker-Craft Speedboat is definitely reserved for the rich and famous. A timeless vessel, this 27-foot solid mahogany vessel took 1,400 hours to build by hand. Chock full of top-of-the-line features, it boasts a Mercury 8.2 High Output engine producing 425hp, gold-leafed waterline, underwater lighting, a deep violet bottom, cream-colored seating, GPS, a monogrammed humidor and a premium stereo system.

Start saving to ride the seas in style with this luxurious yacht.