This Natural Deodorant is Made with All-Natural Ingredients

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Mar 28, 2014 • References: iwillaremedy and iwillaremedy
Iwilla Remedy not only provides plant-based body care and skincare that relieves, restores and invigorates the body, but natural deodorant solutions as well.

'I Love My Armpits' deodorants are made with exclusive botanical ingredients that work together to absorb moisture, prevent bacteria growth and neutralize body odor, all while giving your skin soothing, regenerative relief. You can use it daily to receive pleasant full-day protection and a cooling scent that adds refreshing day-to-day protection against bacteria.

Simply apply a thin layer or two to your underarms. If you're transitioning from antiperspirants, give your armpits several days to release the toxins and make room for the I Love My Armpits solution. All deodorants are made with all-natural ingredients.