Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan's Private Pics

By: Bianca Bartz - Published: • References: valleywag
Some Canadian hackers were so curious about the private lives of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan that they managed to hack into their MySpace profiles. After obtaining very personal images, they have now posted them online for the rest of the world to see. So much for privacy.

"Thanks to 'data portability,' a faddish technology movement that the Valley has been buzzing about for months, you can see any profile you want on MySpace,' ValleyWag explains. "Byron Ng, a Canadian computer technician with a knack for finding Web security holes, has discovered that Yahoo's integration with MySpace makes it easy to view photos for any profile."

In short, here's what Byron did... He started by knowing that Paris Hilton's hidden profile is HERE, and Lindsay Lohan's profile is HERE. This info is readily available on the internet, but the profiles are set to private... That's where the hacking kicks in.

Byron found that by signing into yahoomail, one can download a beta myspace widget (start HERE), then one can view any profile based on the profile number, regardless of whether or not the profile is hidden.

So, celebrity or not, if you don't want strangers looking into your private life, don't post the information on the web, period.

Two and half months ago, Byron made headlines when he found a way to hack into Facebook. There, he obtained lovely pictures of Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend. Nice.