'My Body My Rights' is a Social Activist Campaign Against Violence

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Mar 6, 2014 • References: and buzzfeed
Amnesty International, featuring Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho as the mastermind behind its skillful execution, has launched the ‘My Body My Rights’ ad campaign today.

Surrounding the issues of sexual orientation and exploitation, the 20-year old artist aims to start a global conversation about sexual reproductive rights. The campaign is about educating and driving people to become more aware of their bodies and the powers, privileges and social detriments of their gender.

Hikaru states, "You have the right to choose who you love and what kind of family you want to live free from rape and sexual violence." It's a powerful ad that mixes photographs with hyperrealist paintings, hoping to start a conversation about the matter at hand. The final product is an exquisite presentation of skill, social activism and most importantly, education.