Golden Spike Hopes to Make the Dream Trip Come True

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Dec 23, 2012
References: space & escapistmagazine
All of the people who dreamed of taking trips to the moon as children may one day have that dream come true if they can cough up the dough. A private company called Golden Spike is planning to make this happen in 2020, selling trips to the moon for any nation, company or private person who can afford the $1.5 billion price tag.

The idea is to mainly sell their services to countries that don't have their own space agencies, or can't afford to make their own spacecrafts, but it's also going to be available to anyone who can front the cash. The company is made up of NASA veterans, and a team of scientists that includes Homer Hickam, the rocket scientist who inspired the film October Sky, making it very clear that they mean business.

Implications - Who doesn’t want to go to the moon? Really, I don’t feel like I have to elaborate here.