Sookoon Ang Shows Decaying Bread as a Metaphor for Love and Hurt

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Jan 29, 2013
References: designboom & animalnewyork
Even that gross surprise you find when you leave something in your fridge too long can be made beautiful, as shown in this photography of moldy bread. Created by Singapore's Sookoon Ang, the series of photos is called 'Your Love is Like a Chunk of Gold,' and features bread gone bad in a strangely compelling way, with the rot having formed beautiful, colorful shapes.

In all fairness, this bread did not mold naturally. Instead, the unique effect was achieved by adding ammonium phosphate, creating the science fiction-like colored crystals on the bread. According to the artist, it represents "comfort and pain side by side, similar to the experiences of love and romance." I just hope I never find any moldy bread in my fridge that looks like this.

Photo Credits: animalnewyork, designboom