The Mistress Agency Hot Wheels Commercial is Every Boy's Dream Come True

By: Jamie Danielle Munro - Jun 8, 2011
References: mistresscreative & creativecriminals
The Mistress Agency Hot Wheels commercial is every boy's dream come true, as a life-sized toy car is seen performing donuts on a giant stool. With graphics and scenery with an apocalyptic feel, this ad brings Hot Wheels back as a toy-selling contender.

The ad begins with a boy playing in a desert with his lonesome Hot Wheels car. However, as he looks up into the distance, he sees a giant stool looming overhead. On top of the stool is a giant, life-sized Hot Wheels car performing donuts in the middle of a desert. This Mistress Agency Hot Wheels commercial does a great job at giving the toy brand an authoritative touch as well as making it worthy of competitive rivalry.