Scandalous New Cell Phone Pics

By: Bianca Bartz - Aug 1, 2008
References: idontlikeyouinthatway & postchronicle
Miley Cyrus is one of those young celebrities I often feel bad for, however, she's beginning to lose my sympathy. New photos have been leaked of the young teen, this coming just after her MySpace pictures were leaked and made into such a big ordeal on the internet.

The phones taken with her mobile phone camera are of Miley's underwear. Specifically, she's bending over in a skirt to intentionally flash her bum to the camera.

I have compassion for people who make mistakes, but when they so blatantly re-offend without learning, it leads me -- and countless others, I'm sure -- that celebrities like Miley Cyrus are either totally brainless or they're doing it as scandalous publicity stunts to raise their profiles.

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