This Memorial Cemetery Fuses Smartphone Features with Rituals

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Oct 25, 2013 • References: archinect
As we progress through a modern era, we need to thinking about where we're heading and where we'll end up. What legacy you would like to leave behind and how to communicate it to future generations. In a regular cemetery all that's left behind is a name and individual memories.

Michael Jantzen's creation 'A Place of Rememberance,' honors one's life by celebrating their name in aluminum tombstones mounted on a large square plaza. Each name is topped off with a translucent cap that lights up at night. Families have the option of sealing a person's ashes inside the letters of their names, as well as integrating a Smartphone code that allows you to access a biography of that deceased person. Trees at the center of the plaza recall 12 months of the year and life cycle of rebirth. Thus, no one at 'A Place of Rememberance' dies in vain.