Medusa Deluxe Packaging Transcends its Competitors' Image

By: Amelia Roblin - Sep 4, 2011
References: formasdopossivel & packagingoftheworld
Your first impression of Medusa Deluxe packaging may not lead you expect that it contains tobacco products, and that was exactly the intention when developing the brand's visual identity. Formas do Possível of Portugal put together a range of designs for the broad collection of cigarette-related goods in the form of several different sized boxes.

Naturally, the underlying theme is much the same between each separate piece, printed with a brown ink base with red and white accents. To reference the name of the brand, illustrations of tubular shapes were incorporated into the logo and label to mimic the idea of octopus or jellyfish tentacles.

With more attention than usual lavished into the graphical quality of Medusa Deluxe packaging, the result presents a stylish product that sets itself apart from its competitors.