These Game of Thrones Converses are Stylishly Nerdy

By: Evan Yeong - Oct 6, 2012
References: etsy
If you're a fan of George R. R. Martin's fantasy novels, or just enjoy watching the HBO show, these Game of Thrones converses are for you.

Each pair of shoes comes custom painted in the house of your choice, from the black and gold of the Greyjoys to the red and black of the Targaryens. They also sport the house's crest, meaning that your shoes could come with anything from a dragon to a stag.

Another awesome thing about these Game of Thrones Converses is that they're handmade. What's less awesome is that each pair, Tannin's Etsy store will cost you $115. But with those sorts of prices, who else is going to have a pair?

Game of Thrones Converses are the true fashion accessory for any citizen of Westeros.