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The Maxxi Jae-Hyung Lee Masquerade Collection is an adventure from beginning to end. Taking the classic concept of a masquerade party and turning it on its head, the designs might obscure the identity of the wearer, but in more of a clownish way than a Venice chic way. Of course, that doesn't mean the looks are silly. Instead, they are wonderfully bold and electrically eccentric.

Ranging in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and a plethora of prints, the Maxxi Jae-Hyung Lee Masquerade Collection is completely 'in-your-face.' The lookbook images accentuates the exaggerated silhouettes by way of fun, awkward poses. Jaclyn Hudson , a writer for Trendland asks, "Are they sumo wrestlers? Animals? Or are they just models sporting the latest menswear trends? I am not sure, but I certainly like it."