The Rocket Keychain Marijuana Grinder Quickly Grinds Down Ingredients

By: Michael Hemsworth - Jan 6, 2017
References: dudeiwantthat
The Rocket Keychain Marijuana Grinder is designed to quickly crush through herbs to make them ready for smoking at a moments notice. The device features a design that works to grind up marijuana bud and funnel it downward towards the incorporated one hitter. From here, users can pull the device out and smoke from it without having to utilize a pipe, rolling papers or a bong.

The Rocket Keychain Marijuana Grinder is a comprehensive smoking apparatus that is ideal for those who want to keep their equipment discreetly with them at all times. As the name denotes, the device is on a keychain to make carrying it around in a discretionary manner easy, while enabling users to make use of the device whenever they like.