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unique art of hairstyles and makeup trends, includes all that i found on other blogs magazines,and site will feature here. weddings, catalogs, film, tv, runways.stylist.
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The Fresh Face

    Whether doing   make-up and hairstyle for TV, photo shoots, movies, the stage, or runway,  Eugene Conde always wear his art and love for making somebody beautiful with a fresh approach. Part of that gleaming attitude is transforming many faces that graced magazine covers and spreads including LA Magazine,Lemonade, Look LA, Audrey, Xtreme Detroit Magazine, OCPC, Cosmopolitan and Vouge etc. Even a notable TV documentary called “The Mystery of Nazi Occult” for the National Geographic has been touched by Eugene’s panache and knack for transforming different looks and moods specifically required. He is also responsible for some of the prettiest faces you see on Days of Our Lives,VH1,Lifetime Tv, Mtv,Dicovery Channel, LA 18 Kababayan , LA Living , and KTLA. Whether making the hosts look beautiful, or simply making actors “screenworthy”, Eugene’s work emerges with a novel touch to it.                                                                                         

    There seems to be an endless flow of creativity in Eugene Conde as shown in scores of expressions involving runway and art direction. Some of these are Diamond Night , Poise International Beverly Hills, Reflections and AnimaMetamorphosis for Collage Studio. Newness is essential to Eugene Conde’s expression as an artist. He is in constant watch for new ways and trends, even technologies. Graphics designing brings Eugene Conde to a new level of staying up and finding ways to express through the exciting world of computers. He designs websites including his own and is constantly apprises himself with new technologies introduced in the market.He is bound to artistic limitless and creative opportunities.
Beauty Advice
Latest Beauty Advice
Mineral Makeup Foundation:Finding the Best Mineral Makeup Tips Online
You may have a hard time finding the best mineral makeup tips. There are just so many of them out there, its hard to believe just one. But, you can stop looking. The best tips are right here. You must be in search of a new to mineral makeup or just want a better look, if you are reading this.
Mineral Makeup Foundation:Finding the Best Mineral Makeup Tips Online 1
Mineral makeup is perfect for the natural look. One of the most alluring things about using mineral makeup is that is can make your skin look naturally flawless. Nonetheless, those who are used to the more caked on look of regular makeup are finding that mineral makeup is hard to get used to. Also, if you are used to applying a heavy layer of foundation or other underlying products you may have a little trouble getting used to your light and airy cosmetics. listed below:
Mineral makeup foundation is used either wet or dry - There are those that believe that powdered foundations won’t provide you with that much coverage. They are nearly always wrong, but perception is everything when it comes to cosmetics. If you feel uncertain about your mineral makeup look, then just convert a little of your powder foundation to liquid. Tap some powdered mineral foundation into the lid of a container. You then moisten the powder with a wet makeup brush. You will have a light, age-defying foundation that can be applied with ease. This type of foundation also hold onto makeup better than others.
* Take some pictures – Worries can often be erased along with your wrinkles if you have a digital camera. Pictures can be taken before and after. This will help you determine when you have enough mineral makeup on. (Hint: Its going to happen quickly).
However, it isn’t necessary to completely give up your old favorites. Mineral and non-mineral makeups are completely compatible. Your skin will still be protected from irritation if you use a mineral foundation and non-mineral cosmetics over it.
Eugene Conde works in Los Angeles,  New York and Nevada as a top Celebrity and Editorial Makeup Artist. He also offers his beauty services as the Artistic & Educational Director of Unted Colours Of make-up Artist and hairstylist,  wedding and special event makeup artists services in Southern California and other states of USA.
and here’s another for bridal to be
Wedding Makeup Secrets

On that special wedding day, every bride wants to look her very best and be at her most beautiful, but presenting your best face can be a little daunting.  How do you make sure your wedding makeup stays on all day, looking flawless in your wedding photos, and manage to make you feel like a model, but still look like you?

I spent years doing wedding makeup early on in my career when I worked as a makeup artist in the beauty salon.  I also did photo shoots and advertising on the side for top magazines,  films, tv,billllboards etc.and I realized that the best wedding makeup was actually the same makeup tips and tricks that I used on top models for their photo shoot.  The dynamics are the same, whether it be a wedding, or a top photo shoot.  Pictures are being taken.  It must stay on all day. The model/ bride wants to look beautiful, yet real.

Are you having a makeup artist do your makeup?  Here are some tips that will help you make sure that you get the look you want:

1. A lot of time and detail went into choosing your dress, ring, flowers, and even your hairstyle.  Don’t let your makeup take a backseat instaed bring your face forward… its you beyond everything else! Take the time to go through magazines and pull out makeup styles that you really like, even tear out the ones you really hate.  It could be how a certain feature is played up, or that great lipstick color, or how the skin glows, or even how they used way too much eyeliner.  All this is easy to say and show to a makeup artist, like me, with pictures. It helps tremendously to show your desires by pictures rather than endlessly describing it. This helps me immensely in seeing what you like and don’t like.  Remember, our mental ideas of pink lipstick could be completely different. There is a lot of truth in the adage that says “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It really gives a lot more information with a visual sense.

2. To save some wear and tear on your nerves on that big day, by all means, schedule a consultation, or even better, a complete makeup application before the big day with your makeup artist.  Plan it for the rehearsal dinner, or a special evening out alone with your groom, or a get together with all the bridesmaids.  Don’t overlook this very important step because this way you can see if you like your makeup artist’s style.

Things to bring to your consultation appointment:

*Tear sheets from magazines, of makeup you like and don’t like.

*A picture of your wedding dress (a Polaroid will do). This gives the artist a great idea of the style of the dress and the wedding. Is it romantic? Dramatic? Elegant? This gives an idea of your style.

*The shade of lipstick that you1d like to wear. If I don’t have it, using yours is no problem. This is also a great test to see how long your lipstick will last during the evening.

*Your favorite waterproof mascara. I highly recommend using your tried and true mascara, and yes, waterproof. You just might be shedding tears of joy. If it’s your brand, you do not have to worry about watery eyes, redness, allergies, etc.

Remember, your makeup run-through is the time to play, try different ideas, colors, etc.  Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like something.  Makeup is easy to take off and reapply.  Once you have your look down, make sure the makeup artist writes everything out, and notes makeup items you may not have that you’ll needing for that day. And don’t forget, if your makeup rehearsal is set for a romantic dinner with your groom, have the makeup artist change the lipstick or eye makeup a little so your groom can’t tell you are wearing the same thing for your wedding day.