These Vegan-Friendly Granola Bars are Made from Raw Ingredients

By: Katherine Pendrill - Nov 9, 2015
References: lovechock & trndmonitor
'Lovechock' is producing a line of vegan-friendly granola bars that are made from raw ingredients. While there are a number of companies that sell healthy snack bars, many of these products are not suitable for those who adhere to a raw vegan diet. The new Lovechock snack bars are processed at low temperatures, which makes them suitable for those who adhere to a raw vegan diet.

The Lovechock snack bars are made from organic raw cocoa, which has been processed at a ver low temperature. The chocolate is then combined with nuts, soft fruits and other superfood ingredients such as maca and goji berries. The bars are naturally sweetened with coconut blossom nectar, meaning they are free of refined sugar. Because the bars are made from raw ingredients, they need to be stored in a cool and dry place before they are consumed.

The Lovechock snack bars provide a healthy snack option for raw vegans and other health-conscious consumers.