The Lion Proverb Slippers by The Woods Secret Garden allow wearers to show off a beautifully constructed and illustrated proverb. Each pair of these slippers features two different proverbs, one from Proverbs 28:1 and Ephesians 6:19-21, both of which speak about courage and fearlessness. The overall theme of these men's slippers is Bold Loyalty.

Diana Wood, the Etsy shop owner and artist behind this product, hand paints each pair of the Lion Proverb Slippers by The Woods Secret Garden. Using a Faber-Castell artist's pen, the intricate designs on these shoes were painstakingly illustrated and rendered. As well, wearers can rest easy knowing that the designs on these shoes are waterproof and will neither fade nor bleed overtime.

Keep the classic beauty of proverbs always within eye-sight with this artistic example of proverb-influenced apparel.