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The Libertin Dune Yuima Nakazato editorial showcases fashion designs that look like they were made out of tinsel, cellophane or even emergency space blankets. Each outfit -- even the more subdued designs -- looks like something that Lady Gaga would rock on the red carpet. Each stunning outfit was created by Japanese designer Yuima Nakazato, hence the title of the photo shoot.

Shot by fashion photographer Yasunari Kikuma, the Libertin Dune Yuima Nakazato editorial stars the regal Erin O’Connor. Her strong jaw, natural androgyny and slicked-back hairstyle really accentuate the sci-fi quality of each design. Each look was styled by Lotta Volkova Adam.

Set on a simple blue-green backdrop, the Libertin Dune Yuima Nakazato editorial has a quiet contemplative vibe that almost contradicts the dark and edgy fashion designs. In the end, however, it fits perfectly together.