The KitchenGoose Makes Eggs in an Unconventional Way

By: Michael Plishka - Published: • References: kitchengoose and kickstarter
Everybody has their own recipe for scrambled eggs (I prefer mixing in some milk and perhaps a little cheese, then frothing it up good). Now, thanks to the new KitchenGoose, I can pre-scramble my egg in the shell before doing any other magic to it.

Designer Geraint Krumpe of Y Line Product Design has invented a slick and fun ‘in the shell’ scrambler. Not only will the scrambler create a smooth and uniform yolk/white mixture, it does it in an interactive manner that creates a novel experience for the chef.

I’m curious to see what an in-egg scrambled egg tastes like. It may change my recipe in ways I never imagined.

Photo credit: Kickstarter