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Inspired by the agricultural history of the city, the Kfar Shemaryahu Educational Centre is adorably imaginative, which is perfect for its pint-sized occupants. Housing six kindergarten rooms, each one tackles a different agricultural theme that is signified by their names: Olive (Zayit), Palm (Tamar) , Pomegranate (Rimon), Wheat (Hita), Fig (Te’ena) and Vine (Gefen).

Both the interior and furniture of the Kfar Shemaryahu Educational Centre was designed by Sarit Shani Hay. With a particular focus on wood, Hay created fun spaces that teach as much as it entertains. From large tree-like structures and trains to animal-shaped seating and homey enclosures, there are a multitude of props and structures to ignite the imagination and creativity of the children interacting with them.

The Kfar Shemaryahu Educational Centre connects the rooms with a central lobby.