This Swivel Key Wallet Holds Up to Six Separate Keys

By: Michael Hemsworth - May 28, 2016
References: exclusives.dudeiwantthat & dudeiwantthat
Designed by Michael Rahban Designs, this swivel key wallet is intended to prevent users from constantly poking and pinching themselves with their keys, and make finding the right key on the ring easy.

The wallet works by holding up to six keys inside the CNC-machined aluminum case and allowing them to swivel outward when the key is needed for use.

The wallet is essentially the Swiss army knife of key wallets and comes in several color options including gold, rose gold, black, gun metal and silver. Magnets on the rear side of the wallet allow the unit to be stored on a refrigerator or other metallic surface. The lightweight design ensures it doesn't weigh down your pocket when carried around.