The Illuminating Keyhole Indicator Brightens Your Doorway

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Sep 19, 2013 • References: fancy
The ‘Tritium Illuminated Keyhole Indicator’ allows you to instantly spot your doorway keyhole. This light is made of two green tritium light sources that will glow for at least twelve years without an external energy source! This key light doesn't need batteries or light to charge either; it's perfect for hazy nights after the bar or the occasional blackout.

This light is water repellant. To use the keyhole, you simply stick it around your door knob, handle or even on top of a light switch. This key light makes life a whole lot easier to find light switches and keyholes in the dark. It's even visible up to eight meters away. The ingenuity and life span of this product is quite impressive.