MyLapse Created a Stunning View of a Morphed Barcelona

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Sep 23, 2013 • References: thisiscolossal
MyLapse created a stunning glimpse of Barcelona, Spain with kaleidoscope art. This film is titled ‘Barcelona Kaleidolapse' and uses a technique that turns time-lapse footage into a kaleidoscope. This video is absolutely marvelous and unlike anything seen before.

The production is of buildings, parks and greenery all being morphed and processed through a kaleidoscope style lens. The music that accompanies this film is mesmerizing along with the film itself. We see columns, churches, park squares, people and city lights dwindling throughout the film. It starts out slowly and progressively moves faster until the end where everything is fast forwarded and the music is more lively. The kaleidoscope vision creates intricate patterns of colors and shapes, really giving an interesting perspective of this European city. This video helps us to open our eyes to different visual interpretations.