You Got This ! *high five*

By: Kiyosha Teixeira - Published: • References: elitedaily
10 ways YOU, yes YOU ! Can secure a job in your occupational field after graduating by just being yourself!

1) Be creative - with an entrepreneurial spirit, learn to take calculated risks
2) Be smart (it isn't always about your GPA)
3) Be innovative (yes bacon and cheese go together but what else ?)
4) Ask questions
5) Talk to people
6) Dress appropriately (save the slacks and sneakers until you get the job)
7) Google is your biffle (trust me do your research)
8) Have a kick ass resume/cover letter (Employers really like paper)
9) Go out and learn your industry (find ways you want to improve it)
10) BE YOURSELF ! You will get the job no problem!