The Jeep 'Chip Away' Commercial Stars Al Pacino's Famous Voice

By: Michael Hines - Published: • References: youtube and autoblog
Chrysler has once again turned to a famous actor to help advertise its cars in the new Jeep "Chip Away" commercial. Movie buffs may instantly pick up on the monologue in the first half of the ad, but for those who don't follow film, the speech is once given by Al Pacino in the film Any Given Sunday. The speech deals with how life is a game of inches and it relates to the new Jeep Grand Cherokee and how it is carefully crafted.

Chrysler has stepped up its marketing considerably in the last few years. The American automotive giant has had every body from rapped Eminem to actor Clint Eastwood appear in its ad. The fact that Al Pacino doesn't directly appear in the Jeep "Chip Away" commercial is somewhat of an oddity given Chrysler's penchant for showing stars onscreen.