Mark Zuckerberg's Revolutionary Jarvis Robot Was Built in Just 100 Hours

By: Riley von Niessen - Dec 22, 2016
References: facebook & hypebeast
Mark Zuckerberg, the Internet entrepreneur who founded Facebook, created the Jarvis robot, a smart home system that's highly personalized.

Although the first version is only available to iOS users, he plans to release an Android version in the near future. The device's main function is to connect the home of the consumer, so that the interactions performed within it are more conveniently executed. This means that the Jarvis robot can control everything from the lights, thermostat and toaster, to the doors, cameras and music playlists.

To do so, it incorporates three different user interfaces, which allow it to understand voice commands, send and respond to texts and remember people through facial recognition technology. In a lengthy Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg explains what's he's done to create the Jarvis robot, as well as what he plans to do with it in the future.