The Mack Magnetic Jack Connector Protects Headphone Lines from Wear

By: Michael Hemsworth - Oct 30, 2015
References: indiegogo & thegadgetflow
If you've ever dropped you smartphone or MP3 player while listening to music then you know the pain and damage that can be inflicted, so the Mack Magnetic Jack Connector is here to help ensure this is an occurrence of the past. Designed to fit into the existing 3.5mm headphone jack of nearly any device on the market, the Mack Magnetic Jack Connector then connects to the end of your headphone wire to make connecting easier than ever by magnetically attaching the two together. When it's time to remove them, the Mack Magnetic Jack Connector disconnects easily without any unnecessar struggling or pulling required.

Presently funding on Indiegogo, the Mack Magnetic Jack Connector will come in a variety of different colors and can be paired with the keychain holder to increase portability.