The iPod Cigarette Case is a DIY Project as Classy as it is Musical

By: Jason Soy - Jul 25, 2011
References: flickr & likecool
If you have a broken iPod lying around, why not make yourself an iPod cigarette case like the one Marianne Wilson has? Not only does it look super-classy to have an iPod slide open to reveal a perfect row of cigarettes, but it also doubles as a reminder of what average people can do to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint on the planet.

The ironic thing about the iPod cigarette case is that Marianne Wilson herself does not smoke; it's funny that she chooses to store cigarettes in it instead of, say, breath mints.

Want to know another crazy thing about this incognito convenience? The iPod cigarette case actually still plays music (albeit only one song). How badass is it that the one and only song this case can play is Arctic Monkeys' "Cigarette Smoke"?

Implications - Consumers enjoy deceptive product designs because the novelty of their appearance adds a layer of interaction not present in generic products. Corporations looking to entice new consumers may consider designing a line of products that look like objects not commonly associated with the item.