GreenTea X50 Instant Energy Green Tea Detoxifies and Energizes

By: Michael Hemsworth - Mar 9, 2016
Powdered energy drinks and protein supplements have a reputation for being rather unhealthy, but GreenTea X50 Instant Energy Green Tea mix looks to change that. Coming in at ten calories per serving, GreenTea X50 is a green tea energy drink that full-flavored and designed for maximum performance. With each serving packing up to 20 cups of green tea worth of nutrients, GreenTea X50 is designed for "More Energy, More Antioxidants, Less Wait."

The GreenTea X50 Instant Energy Green Tea come in a variety of flavor options including original, tropical and raspberry. This enables those who might not like the taste of green tea to still obtain the benefits without having to brew a pot of water or keep tea bags on-hand.