Arts District Printing Co.'s Inspirational Photos are Beautifully Shot

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: May 1, 2014 • References: hammerandspear and coolhunting
LA-based Anon_Y_Mouse has began a partnership with Hammer and Spear to develop a series of inspirational photos with quotes under the name Arts District Printing Co. It's highly likely you've seen one of these photos before since they're so widely spread over the Internet.

After stumbling across photographer Anon_Y_Mouse, Kristan Cunningham and Scott Jarrell commissioned the artist to create a series of architectural images of L.A.'s art district. The printed images read "take it easy," or "escape" with mountainous landscapes in the background.

They're not your typical Internet inspirational quotes though; locations are hand-shot from New Mexico, San Francisco, Austin, Marfa and more, while layered fonts are done with subtlety to complement the image. People who long for travel are destined to own one of these prints since their whimsy is pretty difficult to resist.