The Bavaria Dutch Dress ambush at the WorldCup Denmark-Netherlands match not only led to ousting the babes from the stadium. This morning three Dutch ladies involved who allegedly coordinated the act were lifted from their bed by the South African Police and arrested. In the meantime they have been released on bail, but they had to leave their passports with the police and are facing trial on June 22. They could face a half year of imprisonment.

It appears South Africa has specifically enacted anti Ambush Advertising laws when they signed up with FiFA for this World Cup.

For South Africa this could mean that the international public opinion turns against it, because it has already a history of lack of freedom of speech.

It should never have given in to this requirement in my opinion.

We’ll see what will happen at the next Dutch match. Please make sure you don’t wear Nikes when you enter a South African soccer match as Nike is not one of the FiFA sponsors.