The Tenba BYOB Cooler Insert Ice Box Fits into Most Bags

By: Michael Hemsworth - Jun 15, 2016
References: tenba & coolthings
Carrying around a cooler usually means nothing but a headache because of the oversized nature of the ice boxes, so the Tenba BYOB Cooler Insert is intended to be a smaller alternative.

Capable of being put into a knapsack or other bag, the Tenba BYOB Cooler Insert can hold up to 12 bottled beverages or six canned ones in the compact unit.

Crafted with a soft aesthetic, the Tenba BYOB Cooler Insert ice box features sealed seams to ensure it doesn't leak and is ideal for camping or days at the beach.

When the Tenba BYOB Cooler Insert has been used and needs to be carried empty, the interior inserts to keep beverages separate folds flat to enable the design to be even smaller for easy carrying.