The Yasai Monogatari Hydroponic Grow Boxes Digitize the Garden

By: Michael Hemsworth - May 19, 2017
References: japantrendshop
Many indoor gardens are intended for growing small herbs or to get plants started, but the Yasai Monogatari Hydroponic Grow Boxes change this with a design that is capable of growing full-size produce. Boasting an automated functionality, the grow boxes are intended to help provide the optimal amount of light via incorporated LEDs as well as water via the incorporated reservoir.

The Yasai Monogatari Hydroponic Grow Boxes keep users connected to their greenery by utilizing an accompanying smartphone app in order to snap photos and send the progress to users directly and more. This ensures that each crop of produce will be as healthy as possible and that you can intervene and make adjustments if necessary to get things back on track.