Extended Stay Hotel Ad Is Gross, Not Sexy

By: mediterranean - Jul 29, 2008
References: extstay & adrants
Sometimes there's a fine line that, once crossed, can turn something funny and sexy into an absolutely weird and gross thing. This quirky guerrilla YouTube video ad for Extended Stay hotels follows this formula.

The idea is to promote the hotel for being so clean that you can practically lick off the surfaces of its rooms. To prove this, they hired a pretty blonde woman that goes into a room and licks things after it was cleaned by the hotel staff.

She starts by licking a spoon, which is a pretty sexy thing to watch. Things start going downhill after that, as she proceeds to lick the fridge handles, the TV set, the remote and alarm clock.

The turning point, however, is when she enters the bathroom. She starts by licking the shower curtain, which is definitely not sexy, but still tolerable. She then gives the camera a sinister 'I bet you think I can't do it' look and proceeds to the toilet. I'll leave the details for you to find out on your own.

Oh, and there's the big 'reveal' at the end where the brand name comes written with a marker on the inside of her palm.

What do I think? Absolute crap.