The Caribou Coffee 'Hot Crafted Press' is a Smooth Caffeinated Drink

By: Michael Hemsworth - Feb 28, 2017
References: brandeating
Cold brew coffee has become quite popular with a number of coffee enthusiasts, so the Caribou Coffee 'Hot Crafted Press' drink is hot cold brew that has been treated like a traditional cup of coffee.

The Caribou Coffee 'Hot Crafted Press' consists of cold brew coffee that has been allowed to brew for 12-hours at cold or room temperatures in order to coax the best flavor out of the beans. After being brewed, the cold brew coffee is steam heated and given a bit of cream and sweetness in order to round off the hot cold brew beverage.

The Caribou Coffee 'Hot Crafted Press' comes as the evolution of cold brew coffee as connoisseurs of caffeinated beverage seek out the latest creations.