The Orvibo COCO Smart Home Power Strip is Remotely Controlled

By: Michael Hemsworth - Sep 6, 2016
References: shop.thegadgetflow & thegadgetflow
Power conservation is becoming of paramount importance to many consumers, so the Orvibo COCO Smart Home Power Strip helps to offer a convenient way to conserve.

Connecting to your smartphone, the power bar enables users to set power schedules, remotely turn the bar on or off and much more. The Homemate app allows users to see how much electricity they're consuming with the items plugged in to help increase the ability to decrease consumption.

The home is inherently becoming more connected as consumers seek ways to help automate their routines and become more efficient overall. The Orvibo COCO Smart Home Power Strip is an inexpensive way for users to adopt smart home connectivity without having to shell out hundreds of dollars on a network of devices.