Jeremy Gutsche Shares His Hiring Strategies

By: Jaime Neely - Published: Apr 24, 2013 • References: jeremygutsche
Jeremy Gutsche's innovation keynote speech features a section that discusses hiring strategies for companies in a wide range of industries. Simply put, he advises his audiences, clients and the readers of his book 'Exploiting Chaos' -- which you can read for FREE here -- to hire freaks. The reason behind this is that creative, eclectic people are more fun. Non-traditional thinkers offer the maverick idea and the personality required to adapt in the fast-paced environment of today's market.

Jeremy references Tom Peters in his book. Peters likes to use the term "freaks," when describing the ideal people to hire. To drive his point home, Peter notes the following key points:

"When interesting things happen, they were done by a freak. Freaks are more fun. Surrounding yourself with freaks makes you seem somewhat freakier, which is important because [the world] needs freaks. Freaks are the only ones who succeed -- as in, make it into the history books. Freaks can prevent [the world] from losing [their] connection to a chaotically evolving world."

Jeremy's hiring strategies center around the idea of hiring non-traditional employees, because they will be the individuals who bring the most innovative qualities.