The Minrray UV950 High-Definition Camera Has a 70-Degree Field of View

By: Michael Hemsworth - Dec 20, 2015
References: minrray
Video camera technology has been implemented into laptops and smartphones around the world, but as professionals learn how inadequate these solutions can be for conferencing, products like the Minrray UV950 High-Definition Camera are being developed.

Designed to capture a 70-degree field of view, the Minrray UV950 High-Definition Camera is compact enough to be incorporated in any conference room, yet will seamlessly include all participants without worry. 12-times optical zoom, USB 3.0 support and full 1080p video capabilities, the Minrray UV950 High-Definition Camera is also able to be incorporated into cloud conferencing solutions for a more comprehensive system across the company. This functionality makes streamlining a brand's approach to teleconferencing easier to take out the guesswork often associated with video chats and calls.